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Another Heroic boss down. Good job, everyone!

Quixx Grats ...

First Heroic Boss Down

Démonique a posted Mar 12, 14
Tonight we decided to start our progression on the Heroic version of Siege of Orgrimmar. First out; Norushen. After some problems with d/c and other bits, we managed to nail it and the corruption was cleared!

Good job, everyone!

After fighting our way through Orgrimmar and the catacombs beneath it, we finally made it to Garrosh. Or whatever he is these days... It took us some time, many tries and several tweaks to our tactics, but finally we nailed it and the Warchief went down. Orgrimmar has a new leader, and it's not this guy!

Well done, everyone! Not just the guys online tonight for the kill, but all of our raiders who have worked really hard on getting everything right for the kill. 

Kill Shot:

Moment of Death shot:

To think that we actually helped awaken these guys from their slumber, quest and kill and collect things for them... Only to have them turn around and betray us the moment their precious Old God returned. How ungrateful!

Anyway, we certainly showed them! Hah! Paragons of the Klaxxi are no more... Your Old God can't help you now! Muahahahahaha... *cough* *hark* *cough* Sorry, something got caught in my throat. Well done, everyone. Now we march on the final boss of this tier!

Tonight we went back into Orgrimmar to have another look at the Siegecrafter Blackfuse fight. There's a lot going on in it, with lots of bombs and crap - but we eventually got the little bugger down! Now onto the Klaxxi Paragons... To think we were once Exalted with them!

Good job on Blackfuse, everyone!

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