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Normal Highmaul has now been cleared, as well as Kargath on Heroic. Now we just have to continue and clear everything on Heroic!

Kill shots have been uploaded into the Gallery
With the Warlords of Draenor pre-patch looming ahead of us (date still unannounced), I wanted to write down some of the bigger changes that are heading our way. Most of the WoD updates are going to be included in the pre-patch, mainly leaving the actual leveling and new zones for the expansion's release.

This means that the following things (and many more) are going to happen:

The pre-expansion world event (Iron Horde Incursion) will become available
Orcs are pouring through the Dark Portal into Blasted lands, so we should all go help! Or something.. Oh, and a limited time version of UBRS will be available for level 90, 5 man groups.

The new raid formats will become active
That means flexible Normal 10-25 and flexible Heroic 10-25, with the new Mythic 20.

New character models!
All races from TBC and back are being revamped. Unless you're a blood elf, cause Blizzard hates you.

That's right.. You had a million health before the patch? No longer! Fortunately, all mobs have been squished along with us.

Changed Stats
No more hit or expertise. You automatically have 0% chance to miss for mobs up to three levels above you.
The new secondary stats will also be active (multistrike, versatility etc.)

Healing will not be quite the same, and some of your spells are gone. Or have cast time, if they were instant. Triage is a thing. Or something.

Class changes
A whole bunch of class changes are added, including the ability pruning. So you may find that some of your favourite spells are gone! (Bye, Symbiosis!)

Lots of changes to resilience, tank health and diminishing returns and CC. For example, base resilience is now 0%.

New Group Finder
There's a new group finder that allows you to create pre-made groups for most content. I'm guessing it may be similar to oQueue.

Lots of other things!
Too much to talk about. There's the toy box, multitudes of changes to racial abilities, spells, healing, classes, tanking, movement speed, buffs, raid utility.... *gasps for air*... better inventory, higher stacks of materials, a second tab for void storage, a reagent bank!

A few things to keep in mind:
  • Challenge modes will not be available.
  • Brawler's guild will not be available.
  • The PvP season ends.
  • PvE heirlooms sold for justice points won't be available for purchase. (The ones you buy for gold/honor/darkmoon faire will still be available).
  • The 3000 valor point quest for the legendary cloak will be removed, but you only have until the expansion to complete the series, since it will not be possible once the expansion hits.
  • You will be able to access Ordos even if you never completed the legendary cloak chain.
  • Heirlooms from Garrosh have a 100% drop chance for the first time on your main spec until the expansion releases.
  • Warforged seals will no longer cap at 10.
  • Valor seems to be disappearing, and upgrading your gear will use lesser charms of fortune instead.
  • Justice points also appear to be gone.
Another Heroic boss down. Good job, everyone!

Quixx Grats ...

First Heroic Boss Down

Démonique a posted Mar 12, 14
Tonight we decided to start our progression on the Heroic version of Siege of Orgrimmar. First out; Norushen. After some problems with d/c and other bits, we managed to nail it and the corruption was cleared!

Good job, everyone!

After fighting our way through Orgrimmar and the catacombs beneath it, we finally made it to Garrosh. Or whatever he is these days... It took us some time, many tries and several tweaks to our tactics, but finally we nailed it and the Warchief went down. Orgrimmar has a new leader, and it's not this guy!

Well done, everyone! Not just the guys online tonight for the kill, but all of our raiders who have worked really hard on getting everything right for the kill. 

Kill Shot:

Moment of Death shot:

Raid Progress