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We went back into the nightmare tonight, and managed to kill Xavius on our second try. Well done, guild!

Continuing on into heroic, we cleared the first boss and had some tries on Ursoc. More to come...

Emerald Nightmare 6/7

Rhaine a posted Sep 26, 16

We went back into Emerald Nightmare on our second raid night and killed all of the remaining bosses, except for Xavius. We're coming for you next, satyr!

Emerald Nightmare opened on Wednesday, and we went in for our first raid to conquer the nightmare. Nythendra went down on first try, Elrethe took a couple more (including some odd ones of him despawning mid-fight...) but he quickly went down as well.

Great job on our first raid night. Let's continue on and push through it quickly!

Archimonde Heroic Down

Rhaine a posted Feb 22, 16

And so the day has come, for Archimonde to meet his demise. Heroic Archimonde went down tonight, so well done, everyone!

Heroic Mannoroth Down

Rhaine a posted Feb 7, 16

Tonight we went in to face Mannoroth eye to eye(s), and he went down on the third try. Well done, folks!

Just one to go...

Raid Progress